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  • Marvals Avengers

    This film is out in America and has taken massive amounts of money.

    Here is the trailer.

    I liked most of the films set up in preparation for this but not sure who two of the characters are. With so many character you have to wonder how much justice the film makers will do to each. They seem a bit of a motley crew.

  • A Knights Honour by Stephen Sweeney

    I got this free on the kindle, not sure how I came by it.

    Full title: The Honour of the Knights (The Battle for the Solar System)

    From an Amazon review:

    A star-pilot who is out of active military service because of unintentional manslaughter. He is recalled to take part in a special project with his wingmates, but ends up failing the final test and being shipped of to a backwater star system. He is then called forward for a massive assault, and becomes involved in a plot to overthrow his government.

    My feelings: The book is not fantastically written, lots of spelling mistakes but it is not terrible. The It is the start of a space opera which takes you across vast tracts of space with fantastical space ships and superhuman space enemies. The characters are a little underdeveloped and the jumps in the story line are clunky at times. I did think that some of the descriptions sounded a little like something you would hear in a legal document.

    This aside, science took a bit of a back seat but some of the concepts were intersting. It was a light read but that was ok, more importantly I couldn't put it down, the sign of a good one for me.

    A bit about the author:

  • Convergent Space by John-Paul Cleary

    I downloaded this book to my kindle last week and once started couldn't stop. A traditional sort of pace opera. Lots of action, twists and turns, intersting aliens and societies. I would say it had it all with science being a backdrop. No good if you like dep scientific explanations but this was an exellent light read with a last chapter that leads to another book no doubt.

    THE STORY (nicked from Amazon)
    Jump to a few hundred years from now…

    Earth is a faded galactic power in a violent galaxy. Blamed for an event 200 years earlier that destroyed thousands of worlds and turned the galaxy upside-down, Earth has been shunned by galactic society ever since.

    Now they have a chance to turn that around.

    Meanwhile in the outer fringes of the galaxy, a powerful new force is emerging from the ashes. Ruthless and unstoppable, this colossal army is approaching the central planets with one aim – to cleanse the entire galaxy.

    Rone Tintet is one of Earth’s immense army of space-faring investigators. She discovers an artefact that may reveal what really happened 200 years ago and resurrect Earth’s fortunes. She embarks on a journey that takes her half-way across the galaxy but will there be anything left when she returns?

    In Convergent Space these two stories - one in the past, one happening right now - intertwine into a dramatic and unexpected finale.

    The authors own blog page:
    A bit more about the author himself:
    and his twitter link: @ConvergentSpace on Twitter

  • John carter part2

    I went to see this movie on Friday despite slatings from the US.

    Here is a Wikipaedia link to tell the background:

    The film itself starts in America with John Carter having given up being a soldier to search for gold. He finds more than that in a cave whie being chased by Indians. He is presented as a bitter and solitary fighting man who will do what he wants.

    He is transported to Mars with a device that he snatches from a being already in the cave. He arrives on a similar world to his own, desert and dust. He finds aliens and an ability to jump great heights and distances due to less gravity holding him down.

    HE starts as a captive but eventually leads the aliens to victory in war that is going on on the planet which is known to him as Mars but the inhabitants as Barsoom.

    I really enjoyed this action movie but did find some of the acting a little wooden. I would see it again as there is plenty to keep the geek happy. I am now going to see if I can download the books to my kindle.

  • John Carter - A tale of two trailers

    here are two trailers to the movie John Carter.

    The first is not all action and no trousers but gives a little background: and the second more action orientated, no doubt aimed at the boys: my feeling is that the eye candy was just for me :D

    I hope to watch it over the weekend, despite (or because of) poor reviews in America. I will pop in to telll all soon.

  • Aliens vs The Bible - this week

    There might be life out there - but not as we know it
    Prof Tony Lane gives Biblical view of aliens and our ever-expanding solar system

    Earlier this month, amateur stargazer Chris Holmes astonished experts on BBC's TV Stargazing Live by discovering a new planet orbiting a star in a distant corner of the Milky Way. This brings to over 1,000 the number of such planets that have been discovered in recent years, and raises the question of whether these discoveries might enhance the possibility of finding intelligent life on new planets?

    Suppose there is intelligent life on even one of these planets? What would such a discovery mean for Christian faith? Theologian Professor Tony Lane, who has a degree in mathematics and a doctorate in theology from Oxford University, considers this and other questions in the latest of public lecture from the London School of Theology (LST). His talk ‘Creatures, Cosmos and New Creation’ takes place at 7.45pm on 9th February at Emmanuel Church, Northwood. The talk is open to the public and can also be watched live as a webcast via a link from This is the latest in the series of annual “Laing Lectures”.

    So how likely is it that there is some form of life in outer space? Professor Lane looks at the evidence for extraterrestrial intelligence and concludes: “In my judgement, it is unlikely to be abundant, but I would by no means exclude the prospect of aliens in our own galaxy, let alone in some of the other 100-plus billion galaxies. But while it quite likely exists, given the vast distances involved it could be that we will never find proof of its existence, let alone communicate with it, let alone meet it face to face. Even if there are aliens close enough for us to access, would it be sufficiently like us for communication to be possible?”

    Does the possible existence of extraterrestrial intelligence constitute a threat for Christian faith? Professor Lane argues that the Bible has nothing to say on the subject, for or against. If such beings exist, how does this affect the belief that human beings are created in God’s image? And if they exist, will they have sinned, like us? Would they be a “celestial saviour” or an “alien enemy”? And should we think of Christ as having been incarnate on many different planets?
    Professor Lane says that, given the spate of discovery of new planets, the talk is both timely and topical.

    The lecture is open to the public on a first come first served basis
    More details can be found here:

  • The Big Bang Theory

    As a true sci fi and fantasy geek this tv series really floats my boat.

    Here is a clip from the christmas episode that says it all for me.

  • First Avenger


    Due out at the end of the month, can't wait.

  • Fallen Skies

    After watching the first episode last night on FX I think Spielberg is on a winner once again.



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